API Monogram

Every day, around the world, the oil and natural gas industry relies on equipment and products identified by the API Monogram to get the job done right.

Designed for manufacturers of production equipment, drilling equipment and now, refinery equipment, the API Monogram Program lets companies show the world what they’re made of.

Global demands and an increasingly competitive business environment in the oil and natural gas industry have created new measures by which organizations must demonstrate their abilities.

API is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidence in its certification and/or licensing activities by providing impartial and objective assessments of its client’s management systems. This commitment is supported by processes that manage conflicts of interest, ensure personnel competence, maintain confidentiality of information while promoting openness, and enable communication with all stakeholders

Reva Phoenix’s areas of expertise in API Monogram include:

  • API Spec 4F
  • API Spec 5B, API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5DP, API Spec 5L, API Spec 5LC, API Spec 5LCP, API Spec 5LD
  • API Spec 6A, API Spec 6D, API Spec 6DSS, API Spec 6H
  • API Spec 7-1, API Spec 7-2, API Spec 7F, API Spec 7K
  • API Spec 8A, API Spec 8C
  • API Spec 9A
  • API Spec 10A, API Spec 10D
  • API Spec 11AX, API Spec 11B, API Spec 11D1
  • API Spec 12B, API Spec 12D, API Spec 12F, API Spec 12J, API Spec 12K, API Spec 12L, API Spec 12P
  • API Spec 13A, API Spec 14A, API Spec 14L
  • API Spec 15HR, API Spec 15LR, API Spec 15LE
  • API Spec 16A, API Spec 16C, API Spec 16D
  • API Spec 17D
  • API Spec 19G1, API Spec 19G2
  • API Spec 20A, API Spec 20C
  • API STD 599, API STD 600, API STD 602, API STD 603, API STD 608, API STD 609

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