API Spec Q2

API Spec Q2 Consultancy

Reva Phoenix Engineers & Consultants India Private Limited, an International training, consulting and implementation based organization in the field of oil and gas, offers services to a wide range of Operators, Service providers and Equipment manufacturers. If your organization provides services for the oil & Gas, Reva Phoenix can train, ...
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API Spec Q2, Training

API Spec Q2 comes from The American Petroleum Institute, the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America's oil and natural gas industry. The catalyst for Q2 was the devastating Deepwater HorizonOil spill which saw lives lost, catastrophic environmental damage and economic turmoil. It is aimed at service ...
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API Spec Q2, 1st Edition

Specification for Quality ManagementSystem Requirements for ServiceSupply Organizations for thePetroleum and Natural Gas Industries First Edition, December 2011 API Spec Q2 has been developed to address quality management systems for the service supply organizations for the upstream petroleum and natural gas industries. It defines the fundamental quality management systemrequirements for ...
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