API Spec Q2, 1st Edition

Specification for Quality ManagementSystem Requirements for ServiceSupply Organizations for thePetroleum and Natural Gas Industries
First Edition, December 2011

API Spec Q2 has been developed to address quality management systems for the service supply organizations for the upstream petroleum and natural gas industries. It defines the fundamental quality management systemrequirements for those claiming conformity to the requirements of API Spec Q2. When coupled with customerspecificrequirements, the document creates a basis for the quality management system. Although qualitymanagement system requirements for service supply organizations may be addressed in other management systemdocuments, API Spec Q2 has been created to provide specific guidance to facilitate quality management systemdevelopment and implementation for service supply organizations.

The requirements of API Spec Q2 are consistent with those of many other quality management system documents (for example, API Spec Q1). These generic requirements are supplemented by additional requirements that target theexecution of services or provision of service-related products in the execution of the service. The requirements arestructured in a way to minimize the likelihood of nonconformity in the execution of a service.While API Spec Q2 may include some elements of other management systems, it does not include all requirementsspecific to those systems, such as those particular to environmental management, occupational health and safetymanagement, financial management or risk management. API Spec Q2 may be used either in conjunction with orindependent of other industry-specified documents.

API Spec Q2 can be used by internal and external parties, including certification bodies, to assess the organization’s ability to meet customer and legal requirements applicable to the service and the organization’s own requirements.

API Spec Q2 promotes the integration of a process approach into the application of specific clauses when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system. This provides forcontinuous control over the stated requirements, as well as facilitating the overlap of processes.

For a service organization to function effectively, it has to determine and manage numerous linked activities. Anactivity that transforms inputs into outputs can be considered a process. Process activities include determination ofneed throughout the service supply organization, provision of resources and service-related product, identification ofthe proper sequence or order in a series of activities, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the activitiesperformed, applying changes or corrections to those activities as needed.

Goal of API Spec Q2

The goal of API Spec Q2 is to provide the minimum requirements for the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizes defect prevention and strives to minimize variation andwaste from service supply organizations. It is designed to promote reliability in service supply organizations for theupstream petroleum and natural gas industries.

It is not the intent of API Spec Q2 to imply uniformity in the structure of quality management systems or uniformity of documentation

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