API Spec Q2, Training

API Spec Q2 comes from The American Petroleum Institute, the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry. The catalyst for Q2 was the devastating Deepwater HorizonOil spill which saw lives lost, catastrophic environmental damage and economic turmoil. It is aimed at service organization supplying services for the upstream petroleum and natural gas industries.

API Spec Q2 covers a range of key principles, such as Management of Change, Calibration, Audit, Personnel Competence, Preventative Actions, Risk Management and Reporting/Data Analysis. API Spec Q2 is evidence driven, meaning that companies will have to capture and report on as many data points as possible.

The benefits of complying with API Spec Q2 will be better management of risk and improved business operations. As evidence based specification, those higher in the supply chain and ultimately, the Super Majors will demand adherence from those below. Over a time, the Industry will be forced to adopt API Q2 if they wish to continue supplying to the sector.

API Spec Q2 initiative began in Sep2010 and was published in Dec2011 entitled: Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organization for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries.

To make life simple – think Q1 for manufacturing and Q2 for Services.

Although a Quality Management System can be certified to Q1, it is mostly tied to the American Petroleum Institute’s (API’s) Monogram Program and licensing to use their product specifications.

API Spec Q2 was initially meant for the Gulf of Mexico, but interest has soared internationally. It is continuity to product quality where API Spec Q1 leaves off. API Spec application states in part “…It is intended to apply to the execution of upstream services during exploration, development and production in the oil and gas industry. This includes activities involved in oil and gas well construction, intervention, production, and abandonment. This document applies to activities associated with well servicing, equipment repair/maintenance, and inspection activities”

API Spec Q2 could apply to drilling, cementing, farcing, running casing, well logging, etc. While the certification requirements have not yet been set in stone, industry studies are in process and an announcement will be forthcoming as to “when” an organization will be able to apply for certification.


We go to the client’s offices and field locations for the evaluations and training. This program starts at the top with executive management, and evaluates all tiers of employee services down to the products and services produced by the company.

For larger and longer term efforts we can also embed our personnel within a client’s organization to provide quality assurance oversight every step of the way and be part of their daily operation.

Types of client locations include: onshore field sites including drilling rig sites, Offices; Offshore drilling platforms; and Supplier manufacturing facilities.

  • Organizations / Personnel interested in API Spec Q2 Certification
  • Person who wish to implement Service management system for the API product related repair, remanufacture, reconditioning, refurbishment and overhaul of Oil and Gas equipment
  • API Spec Q2 Licensees / API Spec Q2 Applicants
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Management Representative
  • Service providers for the Oilfield Equipment
  • API – Quality Management System Auditors
  • Person who require detailed knowledge of API Spec Q2 audit process
  • Person managing API Services and API QMS in the organization
  • Students (Graduate, post-graduate) & others.


Workshop based training, combining various techniques like:

  • Live Discussions, Brain Storming, Case Studies
  • Exercises, Readings & Sharing Practical Experiences
  • Best in Class Audit Practices
  • Mock Audits & Feedback session from the above exercises


  • Introduction to API Quality Management System
  • API Spec Q2 Program requirements
  • Requirements for API QMS Internal Auditor Certification
  • Over view of API Spec Q2
  • Brief discussion and training on API Spec Q2 requirements
  • Introduction to QMS auditing & practices
  • Audit planning for QMS
  • Audit techniques – QMS
  • Brief discussion and training on Legal & other requirements for QMS
  • Audit protocol; Recording and reporting non conformances
  • Evaluating audit non conformities
  • Preparing audit reports and records
  • Corrective action and audit close out process
  • Audit follow up; Group presentation & case studies
  • Role play; Written examination


Contact our Business Management representative for In-house training requirements on the following modules. We also offer custom made modules to suit client requirements.

  • API Spec Q1 Lead Auditor Training
  • API Spec Q1 Internal Auditor Training
  • API Spec Q2 Internal Auditor Training
  • API Spec Q1 Awareness Training
  • API Spec Q2 Awareness Training
  • API Monogram programs
  • Design package preparation for API Monograms
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • API Quality Management System
  • Total Quality Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Lean Manufacturing;
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Internal Auditor Training for IMS

TRAINING VENUE Please call our office or write to our Business Management executives at info@revaphoenix.com to learn more about how Reva Phoenix Consulting can assist your organization in API Spec Q2 Training.