Leak Testing Level 1

Why attend this course:

This course provides detailed information on the inspection utilising the Leak Testing method, incorporating the latest equipment. This course is suitable for beginners and personnel with an existing NDT knowledge. ASNT approved and provides excellent preparation for the Level 1 examination as specified by the relevant ASNT documentation

NDT Course Curricullum:

  • Introduction
    • History of leak testing
    • Reasons for leak testing
    • Functions of leak testing
    • Training and certification
  • Leak Testing Fundamentals
    • Terminology
    • Leak testing units
    • Physical units in leak testing
    • Leak testing standards
    • Flow characteristics
    • Vacuum fundamentals
    • Vacuum system operation
    • Vacuum system characteristics
    • General
    • Vacuum Pumps
    • a. Mechanical pumps (positive displacement)
    • b. Vapor (diffusion) pumps
    • c. Sublimation pumps (getter pumps)
    • d. Ion pumps
    • e. Turbomolecular pumps
    • f. Absorption pumps
    • g. Cryopumps
  • Safety in Leak Testing
    Note: It is recommended that the trainee, as well as all other leak testing personnel, receive instruction in this course prior to performing work in leak testing.

    • Safety Considerations
    • Safety Precautions
    • Explosive/implosive hazards
    • Pressure Precautions
    • Safety Devices
    • Hazardous and Tracer Gas Safety
    • Types of Monitoring Equipment
  • Leak Testing Methods
    • a. Bubble testing.
    • b. Ultrasonic testing
    • c. Voltage discharge testing
    • d. Pressure leak testing
    • e. Ionization
    • f. Conductivity
    • g. Radiation Absorption
    • h. Chemical – based
    • i. Halogen detector
    • j. Pressure change measurement
    • k. Mass spectrometer
    • l. Radioisotope
    • Advantages and limitations