Penetrate Testing Level 1

Why attend this course:

Candidates will have the opportunity to use the various techniques on welds, castings and wrought products while gaining detailed theoretical and practical knowledge on all the commonly encountered penetrant testing techniques. This course is suitable for beginners and personnel with existing NDT knowledge. This course is recognised and provides excellent preparation for Level 1 and 2 examinations. It meets the training hour requirements as specified by the relevant ASNT/ PCN documentation.

NDT Course Curricullum:

  • Introduction
    • a. Brief history of non-destructive testing and liquid penetrant testing
    • b. Purpose of liquid penetrant testing
    • c. Basic principles of liquid penetrant testing
    • d. Types of liquid penetrants commercially available
    • e. Method of personnel qualification
  • Liquid Penetrant Processing
    • a. Preparation of parts
    • b. Adequate lighting
    • c. Application of penetrant to parts
    • d. Removal of surface penetrant
    • e. Developer application and drying
    • f. Inspection and evaluation
    • g. Postcleaning
  • Various Penetrant Testing Methods
    • a. Current ASTM and ASME standard methods-ASTM E165. E1208, E1209, E1210, E1417.
    • b. Characteristics of each method
    • c. General applications of each method
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing Equipment
    • a. Liquid penetrant testing units
    • b. Lighting for liquid penetrant testing equipment and light meters
    • c. Materials for liquid penetrant testing
    • d. Precautions in liquid penetrant inspection