Ultrasonic Crtitical Flaw Sizing

Why attend this course:

This programme is available only to holders of current Level 2 Ultrasonic Practitioner Welds certification, and held for at least 6 months. The course was developed to assist the technician/engineer in the sizing of defects to within a tolerance level commensurate with the capabilities of the ultrasonic method. Defect Assessment for Fitness for Purpose Inspections – Ultrasonic Test Weld Samples.

NDT Course Curricullum:

  • Production of beam plots for relevant probes
  • Practical examination of artificial simulations to assess plotting accuracy
  • Discussion of relevant normative documentation including BS and EN standards
  • Production of DAC and sensitivity levels
  • Discussion relating to echo-dynamic patterns
  • Reporting formats
  • Practical defect sizing on a variety of weldments