About PDMS Training

Plant Design Management software’s helps the piping engineers to convert the 2d layout to a 3d model is a very easy mode. PDMS software is used to create the Equipment Application, Piping Application , Civil and Steel Structure Application , Cable Tray Application, HVAC Application, 2D Draft Application and many more .PDMS is a primary software used in designing of the Plants . There is a great career scope on the completion of the PDMS Course

  • Certificate Course in Piping Design & Engineering with PDMS

    • Mechanical Design of Process Equipment
    •  Equipment Design
    •  Piping Design
    •  Structural Design
    •  HVAC Design
    •  Cable Tray Design
    •  Draft Design
    •  Fundamentals of Piping
    •  Piping Design and Drafting
    •  Engineering Design & Drafting
    •  Electrical / Instrumentation Design & Drafting

    Piping Systems Detailed Engineering / Plant & Piping Layout

    • Engineering / Piping Drafting – Mechanical / Process Equipment
    • Piping Fundamentals – Flow Diagrams
    • ASME Codes & Standards – Piping Specifications
    • Pipe Fittings  – Piping & Equipment Layout
    • Flanges – Piping Isometrics
    • Valves – Piping Supports
  • PDMS Piping Course

    The Piping design & engineering course is designed to meet all major topics related to detailed Engineering / Layout Engineering of piping system, Mechanical design, Hydraulic design and Stress Analysis of Process Piping Systems. The program also covers Process Equipment, Plant Layout, Mechanical & Hydraulic Design of Pipelines. This is one of a unique Training Program which covers comprehensive Stress analysis of Piping Systems. The program is offered in both full time and part time including concept theory, system design, drafting and exposure to Industry Leading practices.

    PDMS Course Content

    • Introduction of PDMS and Plant / Projects  – Frame works
    • Create equipment  – ISO drawing manager
    • Modify equipment  – E & I Cable routing
    • Placing of Nozzle  – Structural frame works
    • Standard Equipment – Sample Projects
    • Placing of Pipe – Case study

    Course Details

    Duration:  1 Month (Full Time)
    Eligibility:  B.E. Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Production, Petro-Chemical, Marine, Diploma or ITI.
    Fees (in Rs):  15,000/-


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  • Accurate Timely results make for contented clients. Get ready to use State-of-the-art– facility with up-to-date equipment made available.
  • Course is offered at a very competitive rate.
  • Fully Air conditioned with the latest communication, Network and Audio/Video conferencing facilities.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate around 25 participants at a time.
  • Acoustically sound proof room with Overhead Projection System.
  • IP Cameras enabling effective surveillance and monitoring and generator backup for uninterrupted operations
  • Excellent Pantry Facilities. Fire extinguisher on all floors / rooms. 24/7 Security & Ample Parking Space for Two Wheelers.
  • We believe our facility provides a great learning environment for both seasoned inspection professional as well as those new to the quality control and nondestructive testing disciplines.

Sectors or Areas where PDMS is applied:

  • Engineering, Design and Construction Industry
  • Chemical and Process Plants
  • Water Treatment & Power Industry
  • Paper and Pulp Manufacturing Industry
  • Marine Industry

PDMS Certification Methodology at Reva Phoenix

We of course cannot separate man power from the machinery whatever may be the advancement, especially in PDMS related jobs. So the personnel qualification & certification is mandatory requirement regardless of experience.

The training classes are offered on industry approved syllabus. On successful completion of the course, certificates will be issued as below:

  • Equipment Design Training
  • Piping Design Training
  • Structural Design Training
  • Draft / Cable Tray / HVAC Design Training
  • Fundamental of Piping Engineering.